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not a key topic in the national debate? josh becker, founder of clean economy next oh network is here to help us understand. frustrating. four debates. one vice presidential, three presidential debates. not one question from the audience. not one question from the moddator about the question of global warming half of our county under severe drought. the arctic ice melt at historic levels, and the the acuity of these 100-year storms now happening every year or every other year. what is going on. >> you just rattled off key stats that people should be paying attention to, but you're right, people hadn't been paying attention to on both sides. sandy has changed that. it has changed it in a number of ways. you know, we're just talking about the cover up business week, it's global warming stupid. we're talking about obama getting great marks of his handling. >> and michael bloomberg coming out and endorsing president obama because of the issue of climate change. >> yes, tremendous. you know, massive news that happened today. almost as importantly the time that he got with christie going ar
context china when it began to open up it's policy, that's what delivered the powerhouse economy today. california the center of technological innovation. how did it happen? there is a spirit there about the open mind, about learning. you take a country like south korea, that in the early 60s had a g.d.p. the same as most african countries and today is first world. >> gavin: what is foundation what is the most exciting that you're working on? what is are you passionate about. >> the most difficult, and most exciting for me, i have two foundations. one in africa where we work along side the governments of africa to deliver change to the people in seven different african countries. called the big footprint and then an organization of religious and cultural exchange where we work in some of the most difficult countries in the world where people are educated in the way they think and look at each other. >> gavin: you're not just bringing in resources you're using your own human resource to get involved, hands on, i imagine. >> i raise money for my foundation. i gave my own money to them an
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2